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Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have questions regarding therapy or any psychological services that you do not see answered here, please feel free to contact our office at 407-233-1864 or email us at to help answer any further questions that you may have. 


What type of therapy does Comprehensive Psychology Services use?

Comprehensive Psychology Services uses three different therapy approaches: CBT, REBT, and DBT. Dr. Gregory Van Dam is also trained in Hypnosis, which can be successful in anxiety and stress reduction. Click here to learn more about each therapy approach. The therapy approach chosen is determined by the nature and severity of the problem. 


What can I expect during my first session?


During your initial session, you will begin telling Dr. Van Dam your reasons for seeking therapy, your personal background, and whatever information you feel is important for him to know in order to form an understanding of your current situation.  Toward the end of the first session, you and Dr. Van Dam will together identify and prioritize your goals for therapy and develop a plan of action to make these goals a reality.


Does Comprehensive Psychology Services take insurance?

Comprehensive Psychology Services has chosen not to participate as a provider with any insurance company.  This decision was based on Dr. Van Dam's commitment to protect the privacy of his clients and his desire to provide individualized treatment to them.


Some people choose not to use their insurance benefits for several reasons. They include:

  1. Diagnosis. Many clients do not want a diagnosis in their insurance record. This is true for adults and adolescents alike. Having a pre-existing mental health diagnosis is distressing for many clients.

  2. Confidentiality. All managed care plans involve direct clinical management by the plan’s case managers. This makes it necessary for a therapist to disclose anything and everything related to your case to them.

    • This information is used by the managed care plan for allocating and determining current benefits and benefits determination for future plans and is stored in a computer data base.

    • The FBI and law enforcement officials can access your insurance information, which could be problematic should a legal matter arise.

This lack of confidentiality could impact the ability to get or apply for jobs, especially with the military and law enforcement.


For those who choose to use their insurance, many of Dr. Van Dam's insured clients are able to be reimbursed for a portion of their fees through the out-of-network provider portion of their insurance plans.  If you have out-of-network coverage, we will provide you with a detailed bill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.  Please contact your insurance provider to learn more about reimbursements. 



What forms of payment does Comprehensive Psychology Services take?


Comprehensive Psychology Services accepts cash and all major credit cards.


How long is each therapy session?


Therapy sessions are 50 minutes long. Longer sessions can be scheduled with prior notice and will include additional fees.​


How long will I need therapy for? 

How long a person remains in therapy largely depends on his or her goals and preferences.  Some people attend therapy in order to obtain help with a specific problem or symptom and may only require a small number of sessions.  Other people seek therapy for less defined reasons, or view it as a process which may be long-term in nature.  Often clients begin therapy for one purpose, but find the process beneficial and continue to attend therapy long after the initial issue is resolved. 


My disorder is not listed on the website, is that a problem? 

Not at all! Dr. Van Dam specializes in Anxiety, Depression and Stress-Related disorders but has an extensive background working with all ages, demographics, and a variety of disorders. Please see the 'Services' page of the Comprehensive Psychology Services website to learn more about the different therapy approaches we use and the different types of disorders we treat. ​ If your disorder is not listed, please email any questions to Dr. Van Dam at or call our office at 407-233-1864.


I think my child needs therapy, does Dr. Van Dam work with children? 

Dr. Van Dam does work with children, adolescents, and teenagers, but does not work with children under 10 years old. However, if you call the Comprehensive Psychology Services office at 407-233-1864 we can recommend several reputable child psychologists in the area depending on the special needs of your child. ​

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