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We specialize in psychological testing and Pre-Surgical evaluations for various procedures, including: Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial (SCS), Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Trials (PNS), Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulator Trials (DRG), Intrathecal Pain Pump Trials, and other Orthopedic evaluations for surgeons in the Central Florida area, and now throughout the state.  Additionally, we are now conducting bilingual (English and Spanish) pre-surgical evaluations. 


Following the start of the COVID pandemic, we switched to a telehealth format. We have continued to perform the Spinal Stimulator Pre-Surgical Evaluations via a combination of Video Conferencing and an assessment that can be completed online. 


This allows the patient to stay safe from exposure, by participating in the evaluation from home via a video conference, from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. (No downloading required; just click on a link that we will provide). The Telehealth video session will be using a secure platform called Doxy, that is HIPAA compliant and does not record any of the video. Please note that we do still allow in-person evaluations and can administer evaluations in multiple languages via an online translator through Doxy.


The first step is for your provider to directly send us a referral that provides us with your information and the type of procedure, as well as your insurance information for us to seek authorization.


Once we have the referral, we will submit it to billing that day for insurance authorization.  This authorization process can take from a few hours up to a few days, depending on the type of insurance.  Once we have received the insurance authorization, we will then call you for scheduling.  


***Please note:  We MUST have the referral sent to us by the provider, before we can schedule your appointment. Please avoid calling us about the scheduling of pre-surgical evaluations, as we cannot schedule you until we receive the referral and have received the insurance authorization.***

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